Bel-Air Film Festival World Premiere: Terezín

October 13, 2013

Cody’s performance as Alexi, a young violinist in a WWII concentration camp, will premiere at the Bel-Air Film Festival on October 13th, 2013. Written and directed by Nicholas Tolkien. For tickets and more information visit Bel-Air Film Festival.com

Cody Wood Terezin Premiere v2

Skin & Bones (new single)

October 12, 2013

A debut single that comes with a bonus; two unique and powerful versions. Los Angeles based songwriters/producers Cody Wood, Joe Burge and Chris Toeller collaborated to create two distinct versions of a song about fighting your way through the haters, past the critics, and running your own show. This unconventional two-song release is fitting for the message singer Marissa DuBois brings home: “I’m not scared anymore and so my patience is gone, it’s time I stand up and take the world head on.”

Both versions are now available to purchase on iTunes!

CWRU Thirty Under 30 – Rising Star

October 12, 2013

Excerpt from Case Western Reserve University’s “Think” Magazine:

“The day Cody Wood walked across the stage at commencement, he walked into a new career.
Hours after graduating with dual degrees in biomedical engineering and music, he appeared as Bing Crosby in a production of the musical A Tribute to the USO in North Canton, Ohio. About six weeks later, he headed to California, landed an agent and began a performance career that draws on all of his skills—even the engineering ones…”

Read the fill article by Roger Mezger.

Stay – Rihanna (Live Cover by Cody Wood & Morgan Paros)

September 19, 2013

Check out more of Cody’s covers on YouTube including songs by Ed Sheeran, Frank Ocean, and Phillip Phillips.

Back House (new single)

March 19, 2013

Energetic. Innovative. Stylistically daring. “Back House” is a musical cocktail that stirs up elements of pop and rap into a party rock anthem. The song is now available to purchase on iTunes!

Back House

Written by Cody Wood, Morgan Paros, and Chris Toeller. Recorded and produced by Chris Toeller and Cody Wood at Integritty Records. Photo credit: Pablo Hernandez 2013 (Fernanda Romero & Cody Wood) © Cody Wood 2013.

Violinist for X-Factor Winner Tate Stevens New Music Video Featured During Grammys!

February 7, 2013

Keep your eyes out for Cody during the 55th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony! He will be performing fiddle in the new Pepsi sponsored music video “Holler If You’re With Me” by X-Factor Winner Tate Stevens.

Cody Wood with Tate Stevens

(Cody Wood, far right, playing violin)

Holiday Single

November 30, 2012

Special thanks to Jacob for this holiday inspired fan video set to Cody’s Christmas single “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” Cody recorded all of the instruments on the track including multiple violin parts and piano.

New single – “With You”

July 1, 2012

Cody recently completed writing and producing another single with Chris Toeller called “With You.” The song is performed by talented Aussie singer Sarah Dokowicz and will be featured as the opening song of the new film “Starting from Scratch!” The song is the debut single by Sarah D and is available to purchase on iTunes!

The concept for the song is inspired by a scene in “Starting from Scratch” where the young couple quickly court and fall in love. The film, starring James Huang (Eagle Eye) and Elizabeth Sandy (Parks and Rec), is slated for release in festivals in 2013.

Qwiet – To the Sky feat. Cody Wood & Morgan Paros

March 27, 2012

The official music video for the track “To the Sky” is out now! Cody wrote and performed the chorus for the track which is available on iTunes as a part of Qwiet’s latest album “The Meridian of Rhyme.”

Studio Time

March 14, 2012

Cody has recently finished writing and tracking several new recordings slated for release as singles. The tracks will be produced by drummer/producer Chris Toeller. So far Cody’s musical collaborations with Chris have been very successful. Together they have already worked on four recordings and are optimistic about a future of strong collaborations. Chris is also the drummer and producer on Cody’s powerful new single “Back House”.

For more information about Chris visit his website or connect with him on facebook.

Photo Credit: Vivien Larena

New Music Video for “To the Sky”

February 7, 2012

Cody recently performed in the music video for “To the Sky” with hip-hop artist Qwiet featuring violin by Morgan Paros. Cody wrote and sings the chorus on the song which consequently became the title for the track.

Listen to the track “To the Sky” in the top right corner of this website or by visiting Qwiet on bandcamp.

Nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards

November 14, 2011

Cody’s pop track “On My Own”, written for up and coming singer/actress Cora Lakey is currently nominated for Best Pop Track at the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards!

Cody Wood and Cora Lakey at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Featured Artist of the 2011 Gen Art Film Festival

June 6, 2011

Cody is winner of the Emerging Artist Award for the 2011 Gen Art Film Festival in NYC!  His song “Collage” was played throughout the week at the film festival. On the final night of the festival Cody was invited to perform, along with featured artist Morgan Paros, at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC.

The Sneak Peak video below, set to Cody’s song “Collage” was edited by Travis Graalman and shown before every movie throughout the Gen Art festival! Actors including Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Connelly, Scott Caan, Zoe Kravitz, Dan Byrd, Emily Van Camp, Rachel Boston, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Harvey Keitel, and Marisa Tomei appear in the montage.

Pal Joey

March 30, 2011

Pal Joey is a musical based on the book by John O’Hara and written by the famous duo Rodgers and Hart. It has been through numerous revivals, including the 1957 film starring Frank Sinatra.

Cody performed in the most recent Los Angeles revival of the Pal Joey extravaganza; a theatrical re-invention by Peter Schneider. Peter produced the original Lion King on Broadway and has been a major player in the national theater. The show performed exclusively at the Boston Court Theater in Pasadena. Check out more photos of the cast on Flickr!

Water for Elephants: A Rube’s-Eye View

July 27, 2010

“Screams echoed around and around and my heart pounded. Leaping over hay bales I came bounding almost even with the llama again…”CUT!!!! CUT!” shouted the assistant director. Everyone came to a stop and looked around. Twenty feet to my right an elephant lifted its trunk in the air. The megaphone rang out again. “Places everyone. Great job. Places.” We all marched back to our starting positions and tried to collect ourselves for another stampede.”

To read more from Cody’s blog series visit the Water for Elephants Film Blog!

(Cody Wood, second in from left, white jacket)


By Maiah Johnson

It was one of those hot summer nights that New Yorkers live for. Cody Wood took the stage at the closing party for the 16th Annual Gen Art Film Festival. “The whole room felt like it was pulsing. Though, that also could have been from the DJ or my exaggerated heartbeat,” he says with a smile. I find it hard to believe he could have been nervous, as Cody has recently played The Roxy in LA and was also named winner of the Eventful Battle of the Bands. He performed a favorite of mine, his song Collage, which served as the soundtrack to the Gen Art Sneak Peak video. It’s hip, edgy, and classic at the same time. It has all the markings of a creation by an artist on the move.

When I met Cody, he was practicing his violin in the band room of our small high school in a town west of Boston, MA. The sounds floating through the hallway communicated more to me than just a guy practicing his scales. It was clear to me he loved music for what it could express. As I listened to him play, I wondered to myself where he came from and where he would end up.

Energetic. Innovative. Stylistically daring. These are just a few of the words that accurately describe Cody and his talent. Since coming on the scene, he has continued to woo audiences with his distinctively soulful voice and groundbreaking arrangements. Cody’s love for music began at the age of 4: long before our paths were to cross. Now, I sit starry eyed as I watch my dear friend sailing on a professional high, finding himself the recipient of the Gen Art Film Festival Featured Artist Award.

I couldn’t help but ask what keeps him going, as there never seems to be a dull moment. “There’s always something to look forward to,” he says. “I have something different I want to communicate as an artist. I’m working on that every day.”

Management (Acting)

Spotlight Management Scott Vandiver & Annie Karstens (323) 592-9796 http://spotlightmanagement.com

Agent (Film & TV)

Pantheon Talent Melanie Turner (310) 201-0120 http://pantheonagency.com/

Agent (Commercial)

Pantheon Xtreme Chrissy Eaden (310) 201-0120 http://pantheonagency.com/

Music Publisher

5 Alarm Music TerriLynn Rosa (626) 304-1698 http://www.5alarmmusic.com

Performance Rights

Broadcast Music Inc Member (310) 659-9109 http://www.bmi.com/

Recording Academy

Academy of Rec. Arts & Sci Member 310.392.3777 grammy365.com/about



Skin & Bones

Written and produced by Cody Wood, Joe Burge, and Chris Toeller. Cody also plays violin on the track and is credited for the photo and design of the album art. Performed by Marissa DuBois. © Integritty Records 2013.

Starting from Scratch

Cody served as the music supervisor for the film as well as a composer for the opening theme song "With You."

Collage Remix

Remixed by Tristan Boston of Fire Hazard productions, Collage gets a new blend of synths and sounds that kick it into high gear.

Back House

Written by Cody Wood, Morgan Paros, and Chris Toeller. Recorded and produced by Chris Toeller and Cody Wood at Integritty Records. © Cody Wood 2013 Photo credit: Pablo Hernandez 2013 (Fernanda Romero & Cody Wood)

With You

Written by Cody Wood and Chris Toeller and performed by Sarah Dokowicz. This uptempo 60's era throwback will be featured at the opening of the upcoming film "Starting from Scratch" starring James Huang and Elizabeth Sandy.

To the Sky

Cody is a featured artist on "The Meridian of Rhyme", the latest from hip-hop artist Qwiet. Cody wrote and performed the chorus on track four, "To The Sky". Also featured on the album is violinist Morgan Paros (Arcs of Life & To the Sky).

How to Love

An orchestrated arrangement of Lil Wayne's hit song "How to Love" performed by Cody Wood and produced by Chris Toeller.

On My Own

Written by Cody Wood and produced by Chris Toeller for the new web series "Who is Billie Mackenzie?" Vocal performance by Cora Lakey.

Collage (feat. Morgan Paros)

"Collage" was the featured song of the 2011 Gen Art Film Festival and will be used in several upcoming indie films and commercials.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Music (vocals, violins, and piano) by Cody Wood.
Produced by Chris Toeller.
Album art by Vivien Larena.

I’m Confessin’ That I Love You (feat. Ben Weiss)

Featured in the major motion picture Water for Elephants, "I'm Confessin' That I Love You" is a beautiful song first published in 1930. The song has been recorded by some of the most influential singers of the century including Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, and Lena Horne.

The Love We Know

This original song earned Cody a spot as a finalist in the 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

Inside Out

"Inside Out" is an original single from Cody's first studio album "Nothin' to It." The album was produced by Marc Plotkin and Cody Wood, recorded by Marc Plotkin at the Patrick Audio Recording Center in Cleveland, OH and mastered by Vlado Meller at Universal Mastering Studios, New York, NY.

Kan Wakan – Forever Found

Session violinist for the radio single "Forever Found" released in 2012. Currently featured on KCRW Los Angeles.

I Melt With You – soundtrack

Violinist for the motion picture soundtrack along with violinist Morgan Paros.


Grammy Award winning album. Cody was a member of the Phoenix Boys Choir and spent a week recording the album with conductor Helmuth Rilling at the Oregon Bach Festival.

Sudden Death – soundtrack

Violinist for the award winning motion picture soundtrack by Kenny Wood.

Making Spirits Bright

This is the first album that Cody made the front cover! He is on the recording as a singer and also played violin on track five. As a member of the Phoenix Boys Choir, Cody went on two world tours and won a Grammy Award for the choir's work on Krzstof Penderecki's Credo.

Stage & Screen

Parting Shots

Short Film

"Parting Shots" is a dark comedy about two old soldiers fighting one last war... against each other. Cody plays the young version of lead character Cy. Directed by Anirban Roy, starring Larry Hankin (Breaking Bad, Friends)


Feature Film

Set to premier at the Bel-Air Film Festival, Cody plays a young violinist held captive in a WWII concentration camp. Written and directed by Nicholas Tolkien.

Happy Friday!

Web Series

Happy Friday! is a 12-episode scripted web series created and written by Cody Wood with Dan Capellaro, Avital Ash, Darrin Glesser, and Steve Alderfer. Script available on request.



This intense spy vs spy "short" is directed by Jeff Olney and Russel Welch and starring Adam Edgar and Cody Wood.

Who Is Billie Mackenzie?

TV Series

In addition to writing the original song "On My Own" for the series, Cody will appear as an actor in season two.

Study Abroad


Written by and starring Cody Wood, this short piece was filmed by Relentless Filmworks and features Morgan Paros.

Pal Joey


Theatrical production of Pal Joey directed by Peter Schneider (Lion King on Broadway) and performed at the Boston Court Theatre. Cody played the role of Chandler, a drunken heckler that disrupts Joey's big performance.

Water for Elephants

Feature Film

"Rube" in the feature film staring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon.

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story

Musical Theatre

Cody performed as a Hayrider and fiddle player for the 18 show run of Buddy Holly as seen in Broadway World at the La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts.

The Social Network

Feature Film

Cody worked as an extra in the award winning feature "The Social Network" staring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake.

Forever Plaid

Musical Theatre

Cody played the role of Sparky in the fun filled production of Forever Plaid directed by Rob Barron.

Tour / Events

Hollywood, CA
With Marissa DuBois
Bel-Air Film Festival
"Terezin" World Premier (feature film, actor)
 Laemmle Theatre (LA)  
Starting from Scratch Premier (composer)
 CBS - Grammy Awards
Tate Stevens Music Video Pepsi Commercial  
 Lancaster, CA
 Sierra Toyota Concert Series  
Lancaster, CA
Poppy Festival
Los Angeles, CA
Qwiet Album Release!
New York, NY
Hiro (Gen Art Film Festival)
Venice, CA
The Talking Stick
Pasadena, CA
Pop Champagne & Dessert Bar
West Hollywood, CA
Age Walk LA
Hollywood, CA
Cafe Muse
Hollywood, CA
Cafe Muse
West Hollywood, CA
Bar Lubitsch
Lancaster, CA
The 2011 Poppy Festival
West Hollywood, CA
The Roxy - Main Stage
West Hollywood, CA
Viper Room Acoustic Lounge
Hollywood, CA
Cafe Muse
Venture, CA
Muddy Waters (for One Hundred Paces)
Hollywood, Ca
Cafe Muse
West Hollywood, CA
Bar Lubitsch
Westwood, CA
Westwood Brewco
Palm Springs, CA
Blame It on Midnight
Hollywood, CA
Cafe Muse LA
Hollywood, CA
Key Club VIP Room
Hollywood, CA
Cafe Muse LA
Hollywood, CA
Cafe Muse LA
Los Angeles, CA
The Viper Room - Main Stage
Canoga Park, CA
Guitar Merchant
Westwood, CA
Westwood Brewco
Westwood, CA
Westwood Brewco
Hollywood, CA
Cafe Muse LA
Westwood, CA
Westwood BrewCo
Irvine, CA
Bacchus Secret Cellar
Irvine, CA
Bacchus Secret Cellar
Rancho Cucamunga, CA
Private Event
Las Vegas, NV
Zia Records
Provo, UT
Muse Music
Salt Lake City, UT
Studio 600
Palm Springs, CA
Billy Reed's (w/ Les Michaels)
Cleveland, OH
The Greenmont Center (Wake Up & Live)
Cleveland, OH
The Spot, Case Western Reserve University
Carlsbad, CA
Four Seasons Hotel
Beverly Hills, CA
Four Seasons Hotel
Ventura, CA
My Florist Cafe & Bar
Los Angeles, CA
Third Encore Studios
Los Angeles, CA
The Hedge
Studio City, CA
Sportsmen's Lounge
Minneapolis, MN
Jax Cafe
Lancaster, CA
Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery
Gilbert, AZ
San Tan Village Mall
Avondale, AZ
Borders Books & Music
Lancaster, CA
Channel 3
Live Stream
Valentine's Day Live Broadcast
Canoga Park
The Guitar Merchant
Paris, France
Le Tire - Bouchon (Montmartre Piano Bar)
Vera's Cafe
Los Angeles
El Cid
New York
National Underground
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Tangier Restaurant and Lounge
Fresno, CA
Table Mountain Casino
Pasadena, CA
Stoney Point
Santa Monica, CA
Unurban Cafe - open mic,
Los Angeles, CA
Tsunami Coffee House
Los Angeles, CA
The Dresden Restaurant
Los Angeles, CA
The Other Side
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Guitar Merchant
Los Angeles, CA
El Cid
Los Feliz, CA
Vermont Restaurant
Phoenix, AZ
Unlimited Coffee
Phoenix, AZ
The Final Round
Tempe, AZ
Rula Bula
Phoenix, AZ
Cherry Bombers
Tucson, AZ
Bentley's House of Coffee
Las Cruces, NM
The Bean
Las Cruces, NM
Club 1PM,
Las Cruces, NM
Red Mountain Cafe
Dallas, TX
Del Frisco's Double Eagle
Dallas, TX
Half Price Books
Arlington, TX
America's Best Coffee
Nashville, TN
The Crescent Cafe
Nashville, TN
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
The Best Western
Nashville, TN
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
The Commodore
Columbus, OH
Minneapolis, MN
Nye's Piano Bar,
Minneapolis, MN
Jax Cafe
Minneapolis, MN
Jax Cafe
Nashville, TN
Mariott Hotel
Nashville, TN
The Commodore
Nashville, TN
The Crescent Cafe
New York, NY
The National Underground
Canton, OH
Metropolitan Centre
Cleveland, OH
Myer's University Club, Cody Wood Quintet
Cleveland, OH
The Spot, CWRU Big Band
Cleveland, OH
Thwing Ballroom, CWRU Big Band
Cleveland, OH
Thwing Ballroom, CWRU Big Band
Cleveland, OH
Boulevard Blue, Northcoast Jazz Collective
Cleveland, OH
Pickwick and Frolick, Midnight Martini Show
Cleveland, OH
House of Blues
Cleveland, OH
Myers University Club
Cleveland, OH
The Barking Spider
Cleveland, OH
Thwing Ballroom, CWRU Big Band
Cleveland, OH
Thwing Ballroom, CWRU Big Band
Cleveland, OH
Uptowne Grille
Cleveland, OH
Uptowne Grille
Cleveland, OH
Myers University Club, Northcoast Jazz
Cleveland, OH
Adelbert Gym, Northcoast Jazz Collective
Cleveland, OH
Rudy’s Pub
Cleveland, OH
Wake Up & Live with the Arts, TV Special, CWQ
Cleveland, OH
Pickwick and Frolick, Midnight Martini
Cleveland, OH
Fat Fish Blue, Northcoast Jazz Collective